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Welcome to A.B. Colby, Inc.

Started in 1992 by Bernie Colby after he retired from Miles Inc. to start his own distributorship. A.B. Colby Inc. started out distributing Baylith Zeolites, which were manufactured by Miles Inc. in their Levekusen, Germany plant.

These highly effective moisture scavengers have gone through a lot of changes since. In 1996 Miles Inc. changed their name to Bayer AG. In 1998 Bayer AG sold their manufacturing facility in Leverkusen, Germany, where the material is still manufactured, to UOP LLC. In 2000 the name was changed from the Baylith line to the UOP line.

A.B. Colby Inc. distributes these zeolites for UOP LLC, who is now the leading and largest producer of molecular sieve adsorbents.

UOP LLC has production facilities in;
  • Mobile, Alabama, USA:
  • Reggio, Calabria, Italy:
  • Yokkaichi, Japan:
  • Shanghai, China

UOP was originally called the National Hydrocarbon Company, when it was established in 1914 by J. Ogden Armour. In 1919 it became Universal Oil Products. And in 1988 it became UOP Inc.

In August 1988 Union Carbide Corporation and AlliedSignal Inc. formed a joint venture combining UOP Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of AlliedSignal and the Catalyst, Adsorbents and Process Systems (CAPS) business of Union Carbide. The venture operates under the name UOP.


Samples of L Powder, L Paste, T Powder, and T Paste are available upon request. Samples come in one pound quantity.

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UOP as a moisture scavenger
The particular efficiency of UOP as a moisture scavenger is based on the interaction of the following valuable properties:

  • High adsorption capacity
  • Removal of minute traces of moisture
  • Selective adsorption of water
  • No chemical change in the system

UOP Powder and Paste / Description of types

UOP T Powder
is a sodium aluminosilicate of the zeolite A type with a pore size of approximately 4 Ů It is a white powder with extremely low sieve residue and is supplied in active (water-free) form.

UOP L Powder is a potassium calcium sodium aluminosilicate of the zeolite A type with a pore size of approximately 3 Ů Besides having the excellent properties of UOP T Powder, this product is noted for the fact that it does not contain any absorbed gases whatsoever and therefore yields coatings of particularly high surface quality.

UOP T Paste and UOP L Paste are 50% pastes of UOP T Powder or UOP L Powder in castor oil. They have been specifically developed for use on solvent-free polyurethane systems.

Applications of UOP

UOP in polyurethanes
UOP is added to remove water above all from solvent-free one-pack and two-pack polyurethane systems (including coal tar and asphaltic systems) for a wide variety of applications, e.g.:

  • coatings on concrete and steel
  • flexible, monolithic sealing systems for chemical plants, bridges and sports facilities
  • joint sealants, roof coating materials, sealing compounds
  • adhesion putties, laminates, injection resins
  • synthetic resins mortars, concrete sealers, pipe and tank coatings
  • highly flexible surfaces for sports facilities
  • adhesives
  • casting resins for electrical insulation
  • moulds for structured concrete
  • elastomers

UOP in metal dust paints - UOP is used to remove moisture from metal dust paints containing zinc and aluminium in a binder based on epoxy, epoxy ester, polyurethane or chlorinated rubber, for example, and to a large extent in the field of corrosion protection, e.g. for:

  • paints for iron and steel constructions
  • primers, marine paints, antifouling paints
  • under sealing